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8100 Alderwood Road
Halfmoon Bay, BC,
V0N 1Y1

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604 885 9194

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Vici Johnstone, publisher
Sarah Corsie, editorial/production
Monica Miller, marketer/publicist


The kinds of books we publish

Caitlin Press publishes books in all genres, but mainly on topics concerning or by writers from the BC Interior and stories about and by BC women. In a normal year we will publish twelve to fourteen books, most of which are regional non-fiction (e.g. pioneer history or exploration, industry, politics, guide books, contemporary creative non fiction). The remaining titles are literary selections such as a works of fiction, short fiction, poetry or prose. For the time being we are not publishing children’s fiction, but if you have an interesting children’s story that reflects life in Central BC, please feel free to send it.

How to submit a manuscript

We accept unsolicited manuscripts and regularly process 200 per year, from which we might typically select two or three for publication.

If you wish to submit, please begin with a letter of enquiry which should consist of an outline, an author bio and a ten-page sample of your work. In the spirit of saving a tree, please do not submit your entire manuscript unless it is requested.

We are not concerned with paper stock, or what spacing is used, etc. For style, we normally refer to the Chicago Manual, and we use the Canadian Oxford for spelling.

Please write your name, address, phone number and email address on the sample, not just the covering letter. We do not return submissions, so please do not send original material. We try to respond to all submissions, but if you are submitting an unsolicited manuscript please be aware that this a courtesy not an obligation. If you wish us to confirm that your submission has been received include a self-addressed, stamped postcard.

We have received a number of submissions by priority post. While we understand your committment to publishing your work, this is an uneccessary expense. If you prefer this method of shipping, please do not insist on a signature for pick up. All submissions are made at the owner’s risk, even if Caitlin has indicated interest.

Please do not send submissions by e-mail or fax
Submissions can be mailed to:

Caitlin Press
8100 Alderwood Road
Halfmoon Bay, BC,
V0N 1Y1

Please indicate on your letter of enquiry if you have submitted to multiple publishers. We wish you success in getting your manuscript published, but please let us know if your submission has been accepted by another publisher.

What happens if we are interested:

If a manuscript is of interest, you will normally hear from us in three to six months. At this time you may be asked to complete an Author Questionnaire listing previous publications, vital statistics, etc. We may also make suggestions as to how your manuscript can be changed to make it more publishable. Such preliminary indications of interest do not constitute a commitment to publish the work. Most books are published one to two years after first submission, but the process has taken up to five years in some cases.

Author-Publisher Terms:

Caitlin pays industry standard royalties on net receipts. The author and the publisher share income from the sale of most subsidiary rights. Advances are negotiable based on the commercial potential of the book.