Mary Theresa Kelly

Mary Theresa Kelly grew up a large Toronto-based family. As a young woman, she journeyed west and became mesmerized by the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta. Since then she has made many regions of Western Canada home: Calgary, Grande Prairie and the Peace country, the Okanagan Valley, and East Vancouver. She currently resides in the north Okanagan. In 1999, she completed a master’s degree in communication studies at the University of Calgary and now works as a consultant for leading health researchers in Canada. In the same way her life has criss-crossed rural and urban places, she writes across literary nonfiction, academic social sciences, and performance reviews. Her work has appeared in diverse publications from Event to The Journal of Integral Theory & Practice to The Dance Current. In addition to a writing practice, she maintains a meditation and yoga practice, plays piano, and grows organic kale and cilantro. On Mockingbird Hill, published by Caitlin Press, 2017, is her first book.