Wherever I Find Myself

Stories by Canadian Immigrant Women

Edited by Miriam Matejova

In this third anthology in the Canadian women series by Caitlin Press, Canadian immigrant women from a variety of ethnicities and intersecting identities share their diverse and personal stories.

A woman takes on the complex and often baffling nuances of the English language, a Ugandan refugee and her family settle in Canada only to find their father is forever changed, a Portuguese woman recalls her fear when her parents are forced to leave her and her sister alone in a dangerous situation, and a woman from Thailand re-discovers her history and culture in spite of being told that “There was no room for the past in the bright worlds to come.”— these are portraits of women attempting to navigate unfamiliar landscapes, and their desire to be accepted despite differences in accent, sexuality, skin colour, or taste in food. Whether home is a place they long to return, desire to create, or hope to preserve in the language of their families, each writer reveals how pieces of their history have brought them closer to, or farther from the feeling of belonging.

In Wherever I Find Myself, edited by Miriam Matejova, the authors are both critical and grateful for being able to call Canada home. Together their stories present a mosaic of emotions and worldviews that underline the plurality of immigrant experiences for women. 

Contributors include: Camila Justino (Toronto, Brazil), Gina Roitman (Saint-Colomban, Germany), Miriam Matejova (Vancouver, Slovakia), Josephine Boxwell (Prince George, the UK), Margaret Nowaczyk (Hamilton, Poland), Diana Manole (Toronto, Romania), Ayelet Tsabari (Toronto, Israel), Kaija Pepper (Vancouver, Russia), Ishita Aqqarwal (Vaughan, India), Aileen Santos (Acton, the Philippines), Kasia Jaronczyk (Guelph, Poland), Jianna Faner (Coquitlam, the Philippines), Onjana Yawnghwe (Vancouver, Thailand), Nadine Bachan (Vancouver, Trinidad), Sarah Munawar (Vancouver, Pakistan), NikNaz K. (Vancouver, Iran), Michelle Doege (Vernon, the US), Nam Kiwanuka (Toronto, Uganda), Jamelie Bachaalani (Edmonton, Lebanon), Fernanda Ponte (Kingston, Portugal), Esmeralda Cabral (Vancouver, Portugal), Siddiqa Sadiq (Chateauguay, Pakistan/Saudi Arabia), Jasmine Sealy (Vancouver, Barbados), Abeer Yusuf (Vancouver, Malaysia)