The Ghostwriter

“The Ghostwriter,” born in the Haida Gwaii realm, was raised by his grandparents—on Haida Gwaii, not far from the Golden Spruce—until he was six years old. His dad was a Native American, born in Ohio, and died when the author was just two years old. His mom was a Métis who was born in Cowley, Alberta and died when he was forty-six.

A few words from the author: “I walked the path of a renegade for many years, until 1980 when I met my wife in, of all places, the Yukon. I had a Harley and two suitcases, heading nowhere. For the last twenty-one years we have both lived, laughed, cried, loved and learned together. I tell the stories and she is my trusty scribe. Together, The Adventures of Grey-Dawn was born.”