The Colour of Water

Luanne Armstrong

The Colour of Water is the story of a complicated family trying to hold itself together across the generations in the harsh, stunning Kootenay climate.

[Armstrong’s] voice is authentic and fearless… I had found a book about me. This is my winding road… the people of this book are like a broken mirror, reflecting the silvery slivers of my neighbours, my friends, my grandparents and children; these people are me and they are you… In The Colour of Water, I was whisked to the most exotic place of all-deeper into my own heart and soul… Buy this book. Dive into it, enjoy it, lose yourself then find yourself in it. Then buy a copy for your friend in the city who will read about this Kootenay land and people, and know you again for the first time.

— Mainstreet

The Colour of Water covers four generations of a family who live in what we in B.C. call the Kootenays, a land of small towns and big mountains, cold snowy winters and hot dry summers… The book opens when it looks like Kathryn will finally succumb to old age, but the story weaves back and forth through time and between narrators so that we get a multi-faceted picture of a tangled family. The story of the Mangertons is as tied closely to its landscape as to its characters, and these elements combine to give us a vivid picture of life in the Kootenays.

— Patty Osborne for Geist