Gerry, Get Your Gun

My Life as a Hunting Guide and Other Adventures

Gerry Bracewell

Gerry, Get Your Gun packs the wallop of a 30-30 rifle.

Born in 1922, in Northern Alberta, Gerry Bracewell spent much of her early life on the family farm. But Gerry’s dream was to live in the mountains of BC, and when she left home at sixteen she had little understanding of the adventures that awaited her. She worked for a short time in Vancouver as a governess, but Gerry’s wild spirit drove her to accept a job on a ranch deep in BC’s Chilcotin backcountry. There she met her lifelong friend and mentor KB Moore. Through sheer perseverance she became his lead hand and soon discovered that ranching in the Chilcotin was a harsh way of life. Determined to succeed, she learned to ride even the toughest of horses and fight off bears, cougars, wolves and coyotes to keep the cattle herd safe. Recognizing Gerry’s passion for the outdoors and her natural tracking and guiding ability, KB brought Gerry into his family and trained her to become BC’s first licensed female hunting guide. Known as a fiery, adventurous woman, Gerry became a legend in her field, forging a path for herself and breaking established gender norms. Gerry, Get Your Gun is the story of the unyielding pioneer world of BC’s Interior through the experiences of one of the toughest women you will ever meet.

“Gerry is a pioneer in every respect of the word! Her stories of survival in the West are right out of the movies. The hardships she endured, the many encounters with wildlife and nature itself would frighten the most hardened of outdoor enthusiasts of today. Through it all, she remains one of the finest ‘ladies’ in the land, a finer lady you will not find! Her stories in this book are but a very small glimpse of a life of true western adventure in BC’s remotest cattle country.”

–Pat Corbett, chair of Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association and president/owner of the Hills Health Ranch & Spa