Rescue Me

Behind the Scenes of Search and Rescue

Cathalynn Labonté-Smith

Behind the scenes of the riskiest search and rescue operations in North America.

Rescue Me takes you behind the scenes of some of North America’s riskiest search and rescue operations. Author Cathalynn Labonté-Smith shares real-life stories as told by volunteer members of Search and Rescue teams, who find the lost and rescue the injured in the most extreme conditions and situations the wilds of North America throw at them. From rescuing avalanche victims in blinding snowstorms, to climbing into vehicles teetering on cliff edges to free passengers from mangled metal or crossing wafer-thin ice to save an injured cross-country skier, these thrilling first-hand accounts will forever change how you prepare for your next outdoor adventure. Labonté-Smith uncovers everyday dangers, from the unexpected risks of familiar urban settings to the extreme conditions in North America’s wilderness. Deserving of a place both on your bookshelf and in your backpack, Rescue Me is a must-read book that could save your life.