The Silence of Horses


Lorne Dufour

In Lorne Dufour’s third book of poetry, The Silence of Horses, he shares this insight, “It is our past, present and future and how we are all tied together in this tiny thread we call life, that defines the importance of our existence.” In poems such as “Inebriation” he asks us to occasionally pause for a moment in this busy world to look between the spaces. To remember that, in the stillness we find the spirit of life.

But Dufour moves beyond simple reflection in this inspiring new book, as he tackles difficult and contentious political issues such as poverty, racism and devastating resource development—“Once we find reverse, let’s stick to that method until the world slows down, let’s celebrate horse speed…, till we meet Henry Ford living on Capitol Hill, until we precede slavery, … Let’s drive in reverse, so much that the world will breathe a sigh of relief.”

Available April 2013