A Traveller's Guide to Northern British Columbia

Ken Coates

and Carin Holroyd

Those of us who live in northern BC know why we’re here. This book tells the rest of the world why they should at least visit. The area’s physical beauty is the most obvious reason. There are raging rivers, rugged mountains and lakes of all sizes and descriptions. Everyday life in northern BC includes skiing, fishing, hiking, canoeing — an existence to satisfy the most avid outdoor fans.

But there’s more to life in the north than the great outdoors. Our restaurants range from hearty, down-home pub style to French haute cuisine. Our museums include the famed K’san Village, Prince George’s Railway Museum and historic Fort St. James (did you know that Fort St. James was the unofficial capital of BC, long before New Westminster or Fort Victoria?), perched on the edge of fabulous Stuart Lake. And there are smaller sights off the beaten back, such as the Huble Farm, that are well worth a visit.

A Traveller’s Guide to Northern British Columbia¬†takes you to all these places and more. There are directions to some of the wildest places on the continent — and hotel and restaurant ratings for the happy camper who, having braved the wilderness, now needs a shower and a cappucino. There are maps to places of interest and colour photographs that will bring the scenic highlights of the North into your living room and make you want to see more.