And the winners are …

Thank you for all the fantastic submissions to the second round of the Dipnetting with Dad colouring contest! With over a hundred submissions, it was sure a tough decision! Congratulations to the two winners, Michael Cheng and Tylor Jensen!   Tylor Jensen, age 6 We were especially impressed with Tylor’s detail in the grandmother’s dress, including […]

Currently accepting unsolicited non-fiction submissions

Founded in 1977, Caitlin Press publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry that reflect the diverse cultures, histories and concerns of BC, bridging the gap between the urban and the rural. Caitlin also remains committed to its feminist origins by publishing bold works by and about BC women for a local and national readership. We welcome submissions […]

Andrea the Publicist’s Top Ten Favourite Moments of 2014

These are my top ten favourite moments. Some of them aren’t really moments, but more like events or highlights. But none of you are combing through this with a red pen or anything, so here goes … 1) The Vancouver Sun lists Becoming Wild, by Nikki van Schyndel, as one of 2014’s top ten bestselling […]

A Trail of Two Telegraphs

4 Books for People Like My Dad

My dad doesn’t have art on the walls. Instead, he has maps of southern BC, tide charts, things like that. We learned the ICAO phonetic alphabet so I can say my postal code like a pro: Victor- zero-November-one-Yankee-one. Impressed? Me too. If your dad is like my dad (or maybe YOU are like my dad), […]

Congratulations Colouring Contest Winners!

Wow! So many fantastic entries to the Dipnetting with Dad colouring contest! Thank you to everyone who sent their beautifully coloured sheet — and to the schools who helped, too! The winners of the first contest are … In the ages 4-6 category: Jacqualyn of Red Bluff Lhatko Elementary, Quesnel, BC!   In the ages […]

Drawn to Sea

3 Books for Those Who Dream of a Life Off the Grid

My younger sister loves the quiet life so much she lives totally off the grid — no running water, no electricity, no phone. I was living in Victoria the first time I went up north to visit her. We arrived at the cabin, turned the car off. Faint clicking as the engine cooled. Some wind. […]

3 Best Books for Boomers

3 Best Books for Boomers

Show your boomer folks that you are not the naval-gazing Millennial they think you are — help them celebrate the culture they created in the 1960s and 70s! You can pick up these books from your local bookseller, or order them online by clicking on the covers. If you’d like it shipped to your boomer […]

Congratulations Christine Lowther!

Congratulations Christine Lowther!

Congratulations to Christine Lowther who has won the first Rainy Coast Arts Award for Significant Accomplishment, a new award from the Pacific Rim Arts Society. Said the tribute to Lowther: This Tofino artist has kept at her craft for decades, sometimes against substantial obstacles. She often embodies the quintessential starving artist, scrambling in the winters […]

Book Talk 1.5: Oyster Bars, Memoirs, and How to Win Stuff

What made you click to read this post? Was it “Win”? “Bars”? Or did we have you at “Oyster”? Isn’t that romantic? Okay, yes. Inside the latest Book Talk, you will find a link to SHOCKING video of publishing adventures! SHOCKING country radio stations requests! SHOCKING updates on staff changes! PLUS, you will learn how […]

Congratulations Al Rempel!

Congratulations Al Rempel!

Al Rempel is one of six poets shortlisted for the inaugural Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry for his 2013 collection, This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For. This year’s judge was George Bowering. For the full shortlist, you can check out the list we made on Order the book from your local […]