About Dagger Editions

Dagger Editions, an imprint of Caitlin Press, is dedicated to publishing literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry by and about queer women (those who identify as queer women, including trans women or trans men, or anyone who includes this in their personal history).
If you are interested in collaborating with Dagger Editions, please contact Michael who runs marketing/promotions at michaeld@caitlin-press.com. For submission and editorial inquires, please follow the guidelines on our contact & submissions page. email vici@caitlin-press.com. We accept unsolicited manuscripts and regularly process 200 per year, from which we might typically select two or three for publication. If you wish to submit, please begin with a letter of enquiry which should consist of an outline, an author bio and a ten-page sample of your work. In the spirit of saving a tree, please do not submit your entire manuscript unless it is requested.

We hope you enjoyed part one, two, and three of our 2017 Pride Reading Series at the Jim Deva Plaza in Vancouver. We were very happy to have brought together authors Monica Meneghetti, Jane Byers, Fatima Amarshi, Adèle Barclay, Cicely-Belle Blain, Nicola Harwood, Betsy Warland, Beni Xiao, and Jane Shi. Thank you to our community partners: Qmunity, Queer Arts Festival, and Queer Film Festival. Would you like to see another Pride Reading Series in Vancouver? Perhaps in your own community? Contact michaeld@caitlin-press.com with queries.


Oscar of Between

Flight Instructions of the Commitment Impaired